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Our Products

Knighton Mill Pottery produces ceramics for everyday use.  Our hand-made high fired dishes are oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.  The hand making process and the nature of the kiln combine to create the distinctive surface and colour of each piece.   This artisan method means no two pots are exactly alike, each having its own character.  The range of variation in the egg cups above was produced in one firing solely by the pot's location in the kiln.  Photos below, are therefore representative of the range, but colours and finish will vary. 


A supply of pots from early firings is now available.  Click here for a gallery near you.


In addition to our standard range, we enjoy making bespoke pots. 

If you're seeking one large unique piece or exclusive gift items for a group,

we may be able to help.


Watch this page as we add new pots, and if you don't see what you're

looking for, please contact us.

The Standard Range


3 diameters - 19 cm, 22 cm, 26 cm

£24-36 each

Medium Serving Dish

30 cm


Lidded Casserole Dish

2 sizes - 14cm x 20 cm, 18cm x 26 cm


Honey Pot with wooden dipper

10 cm x10 cm


Espresso Cup and Saucer

7 cm x 5 cm

£18 each


15 cm, 20 cm, 26 cm


Large Cider Jug

34 cm, 7 litres



4 Diameters 13 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm, 28 cm

£16-80 each

Batter Bowl

20 cm x 9 cm


Handled Serving Dish

30 cm


Baking Dish Set

Includes 3 Sizes - 19 cm, 24 cm, 29 cm

£200 for set of 3


10 cm x 7cm

£22 each


13 cm x 8 cm

£26 each

Egg Cups

4 cm x 5 cm

£6 each

Yo-yo jar

7 cm x 10 cm


Spoon Rest

x10 cm

£10 each

Cream Jug

9.5 cm


Garlic Pot

16 cm x 9 cm


Small Cider Jug

20 cm x 12 cm, 1.5 litres


Butter Dish

10 cm x 17 cm


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