Set of 4 Dipping Bowls (DB1)

Set of 4 Dipping Bowls (DB1)

Individual Size:

  • 10cm (w), 2.5cm (h)


These sets of dipping bowls are great on the table for dipping sauce or wasabi. Our customers use them as individual butter dishes, salt cellars or for lime wedges.  And in the kitchen they make great prep bowls for minced garlic or ginger.  They're versatility makes them a great small gift. 


These photos are of this unique piece. Like all our ceramics, the salt fired finish will vary from piece to piece and is part of the natural beauty of the product.


Shipping is free to the UK.  Please contact us for international shipping or or larger quanties. 


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    Knighton Mill Pottery

    Some photos courtesy of Jordon Jackson & Leach Pottery